About Us

Thank you for being interested in our company and taking the time to read what our company stands for. Collecting cards is an ever increasing hobby. This is our story and why we think our product adds something to this still thriving world of card collecting.

My name is Roy van der Vlies. Like many others, I was first introduced to card collecting as a little boy in the primary school playground.

I remember my big sister coming up to me in the school yard to show that she had traded a Charmander with a classmate. It seemed too good to be true. My favorite Pokémon was now at home in our collection binder. I could watch it for hours. This collection got bigger and bigger over the years. It didn't take long before we had complete the first set (base unlimited).

A few years later, Yu-gi-oh came on TV. Anyway, like my friends, I had to have these new cards. Unfortunately, in order to buy those cards, I sold all my Pokémon cards at a flea market.

With the knowledge of now I would of course never have sold these cards. My collection today had been worth several thousand euros. I also had no idea at the time that the condition of the cards would become so important.

Now we come fast-forward to the present. After years, like many other peers, I have picked up the hobby again. The nostalgic feelings tickled me. I bought a few cards online and soon there was no stopping it. I had to and would complete my old collection again. This time I would do it right.

So I collected all my valuable cards in penny sleeves and then put them in 3"x4" toploaders. I didn't want to risk my cards bending in the binder while flipping, or accidentally hitting a binder ring. Some cards in good condition can easily be worth a few hundred euros and damage can mean a significant loss of value!

Soon I had piles and shoeboxes full of cards in toploaders. Very safe, but not beautiful and not at all accessible. Nothing is more beautiful than browsing through your collection in a beautiful binder, alone or with your children. Getting your hands on that one card and adding it to your collection is what makes this hobby so great for a TCG collector.

Thus began my search for a solution for safely storing these stacks of toploaders. I just couldn't find that good solution in the existing markets. The binders were poorly put together with pockets meant for photos, or the folders were made of cheap material without a secure closure. Often the toploaders fell out at the first touch.

So I decided to make my own binders. It had to have enough pockets for the larger sets, but also be a perfect fit for my valuable cards in 3''x4'' toploaders. In addition, the folder had to be made of responsible materials, but also of the highest possible quality.

Now they are finally here and I am so proud of this product. I feel that I have managed to meet all the requirements and even more. I also think that anyone with a beautiful valuable collection can relate to my experiences. Because of this, I would recommend everyone to try this product. I guarantee you will like it 100%.

You don't put a valuable painting in an ugly frame or rolled up in a shoebox. The better you handle your valuable possessions, the more their value will increase. Invest in your cards! Invest in yourself!

I want to thank everyone who read the whole story. Feel free to take a look around the website.

With best regards,

Roy van der Vlies & Team Gemloader