100 Penny Sleeves / Deck Protectors
100 Penny Sleeves / Deck Protectors
100 Penny Sleeves / Deck Protectors

100 Penny Sleeves / Deck Protectors

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Protect your cards in a penny sleeve before they go into your toploader. Get your cards in and out of the toploader smoothly and safely.

Do you value your cards a lot? Then these 100 Penny Sleeves are ideal for you! These soft sleeves are made of high-quality transparent plastic. This pack contains 100 sleeves.

The sleeves are
Metric: 6.7 cm x 9.4 cm
Imperial2 5/8'' X 3 5/8''

Standard Pokémon and Magic The Gathering cards are 6.3 cm x 8.8 cm. The cards are therefore spacious in the sleeves. This ensures that the cards are easy to get in and out of the sleeves.

✅Ultra-clear and durable.

Make your cards stand the test of time. Keep them in the best condition possible.
Keep the highest value of your investments.

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Customer Reviews

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Marko Ivanda

100 Penny Sleeves / Deck Protectors

Calidad 10

Estoy muy contento con la calidad del producto, la próxima vez que vuelva a hacer un gran pedido no dudaré en contactar con vosotros.

Gijs Jansen

100 Penny Sleeves / Deck Protectors

Ben Crawford

Top quality will buy again.

Gemloader is the Gold Standard.

I got to talking to a friend about storage solutions and was told of their recent Gemloader discovery. I was handed one of their binders and told that all of the binder pages, penny sleeves and top loaders inside were made by the same company. I knew the quality of materials were premium at first touch. Putting on my glasses to get a closer look, I unzipped and dove inside to thumb through the pages. It only took a few minutes before I asked, "Who makes all of this?!!" and "Where do I get them?!!" with a grin!

I've always spared no expense when it comes to price and never read or watch reviews. I always prefer to form my own opinion under my own standards. That usually means using the old-fashioned way of buying the product and returning it if unsatisfied. I've bought and returned many binders, sheets, toploaders, sleeves, display and storage solutions over the past 30+ years and have always been let down by selection and quality. I've mostly resorted to boxed storage solutions using penny sleeves and/or toploaders.

To make a long review longer, I was sold on the company and product after only a few minutes of a binder being in my hands. As long as they continue to operate, I'll only use Gemloader products. I've placed a few orders for my personal collection, spending around 2k USD and have zero buyer's remorse and zero returns. I'll continue to place orders until every card I own formerly in storage boxes, are protected by a Gemloader product. Having also had correspondence with their customer service, I could write a thousand more words to praise that part of the company as well. I'm 100% certain if a workmanship blemish (it occasionally happens to every product ever, even the most expensive cars and houses) that it will be rectified asap.

The result: 100% satisfaction, 100% company confidence, 100% Gemloader.