9X (25Pack) 3&
9X (25Pack) 3&
9X (25Pack) 3&
9X (25Pack) 3&
9X (25Pack) 3&
9X (25Pack) 3&

9X (25Pack) 3''X4'' Toploaders Ultra-Clear and Seamless 35PT

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With this bundle of 225 of the highest quality 3''X4'' toploaders you have enough toploaders to fill a Gemloader toploader binder (216 pockets). You get 9 packs for the price of 8 packs.

Protect your cards in the best way possible. Without compromising the view of your valuable card collection.

Super bright, premium 3"X 4" toploaders for standard size cards (2-1/2" x 3-1/2"). 35PT
Rigid and seamless plastic encases the card and keeps it clean while preventing damage.
Organize your collection with AAA+ quality toploaders.

✅Perfect sized toploaders for the Gemloader toploader binders!
✅Suitable for standard size cards of 63.5 x 88.9 mm
✅Suitable for cards up to 35pt thickness
✅Ultra-clear and durable construction 
✅Without any doubt the best toploaders available!

*Film protected (peel off the protective film for extreme transparency)

Make your cards stand the test of time. Keep them in the best condition possible.
Keep the highest value of your investments.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews

Just perfect quality !

Simon Knops
Good product with good potential

Everything is perfect except the fact that there is few pages that were scratched when I got it

Thank you for your order and review Simon.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Obviously that shouldn't happen. We would like to help you exchange your damaged product for a good one.
We will solve it for you and hope to get in touch. I just sent you a private email.

David Zert

9X (25Pack) 3''X4'' Toploaders Ultra-Clear and Seamless 35PT

Michael Huggler

Good quality, nice stability and clearness

Corneel Kaslander

9X (25Pack) 3''X4'' Toploaders Ultra-Clear and Seamless 35PT