100 Penny Sleeves / Dekbeschermers
100 Penny Sleeves / Dekbeschermers
100 Penny Sleeves / Dekbeschermers

100 Penny Sleeves / Dekbeschermers

Normale prijs €1,95
Inclusief belasting.

Bescherm je kaarten in een penny sleeve voordat ze in je toploader gaan. Haal je kaarten vlot en veilig in en uit de toploader.

Hecht je veel waarde aan je kaarten? Dan zijn deze 100 Penny Sleeves ideaal voor jou! Deze soft sleeves zijn gemaakt van hoogwaardig transparant kunststof. Dit pakket bevat 100 sleeves.

De sleeves zijn
Metriek: 6,7 cm x 9,4 cm
imperiaal2 5/8'' X 3 5/8''

Standaard Pokémon en Magic The Gathering-kaarten zijn 6,3 cm x 8,8 cm. De kaarten vallen daardoor ruim in de sleeves. Dit zorgt ervoor dat de kaarten makkelijk in en uit de sleeves komen.

✅Ultrahelder en duurzaam.

Zorg ervoor dat jouw kaarten de tand des tijds doorstaan. Houd ze in de best mogelijke staat.
Houd de hoogste waarde van je beleggingen.

Kortingen vandaag:
-Bestel 3 of meer mappen en krijg 15% korting op jouw nieuwe binders.
-Gratis verzending bij een bestelling boven de €100,-
-Je doet automatisch mee aan winactie van de maand.
(Lees meer over de winactie op de homepage)

Customer Reviews

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Marko Ivanda

100 Penny Sleeves / Deck Protectors

Calidad 10

Estoy muy contento con la calidad del producto, la próxima vez que vuelva a hacer un gran pedido no dudaré en contactar con vosotros.

Gijs Jansen

100 Penny Sleeves / Deck Protectors

Ben Crawford

Top quality will buy again.

Gemloader is the Gold Standard.

I got to talking to a friend about storage solutions and was told of their recent Gemloader discovery. I was handed one of their binders and told that all of the binder pages, penny sleeves and top loaders inside were made by the same company. I knew the quality of materials were premium at first touch. Putting on my glasses to get a closer look, I unzipped and dove inside to thumb through the pages. It only took a few minutes before I asked, "Who makes all of this?!!" and "Where do I get them?!!" with a grin!

I've always spared no expense when it comes to price and never read or watch reviews. I always prefer to form my own opinion under my own standards. That usually means using the old-fashioned way of buying the product and returning it if unsatisfied. I've bought and returned many binders, sheets, toploaders, sleeves, display and storage solutions over the past 30+ years and have always been let down by selection and quality. I've mostly resorted to boxed storage solutions using penny sleeves and/or toploaders.

To make a long review longer, I was sold on the company and product after only a few minutes of a binder being in my hands. As long as they continue to operate, I'll only use Gemloader products. I've placed a few orders for my personal collection, spending around 2k USD and have zero buyer's remorse and zero returns. I'll continue to place orders until every card I own formerly in storage boxes, are protected by a Gemloader product. Having also had correspondence with their customer service, I could write a thousand more words to praise that part of the company as well. I'm 100% certain if a workmanship blemish (it occasionally happens to every product ever, even the most expensive cars and houses) that it will be rectified asap.

The result: 100% satisfaction, 100% company confidence, 100% Gemloader.

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