9X BLUE BORDER 3''X4'' Toploaders Ultrahelder en naadloos 35PT (25Pack)

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Krijg een pack van 25 toploaders gratis!

Met deze bundel van 225 van de hoogste kwaliteit BLUE BORDER 3''X4'' toploaders heb je genoeg toploaders om een Gemloader toploader-binder (216 pockets) te vullen. Je krijgt 9 packsvoor de prijs van 8 packs.

Bescherm je kaarten op de best mogelijke manier, zonder het zicht op je waardevolle kaartencollectie te verliezen.

Superheldere, eersteklas 3"X 4" toploaders voor standaardformaat kaarten (2-1/2" x 3-1/2"). 35PT Stevig en naadloos plastic omsluit de kaart en houdt deze schoon terwijl beschadiging wordt voorkomen. Organiseer je collectie met toploaders van AAA+ kwaliteit.

✅Toploaders van perfecte grootte voor de Gemloader toploader-binders!
✅Geschikt voor standaardformaat kaarten van 63,5 x 88,9 mm
✅Geschikt voor kaarten tot 35pt dikte
✅Ultra-heldere en duurzame constructie Zonder twijfel de beste toploaders op de markt!
✅Maak je binder pagina's classy met de toploaders met blauwe rand.

*Beschermd met folie (verwijder de beschermende folie voor extreme transparantie)

Make your cards stand the test of time. Keep them in the best condition possible.
Keep the highest value of your investments.

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-Bestel 3 of meer mappen en ontvang 15% korting op je nieuwe mappen.
-Je neemt automatisch deel aan de Give Away van deze maand.
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(Dave & Luz bekijken onze nieuwe lijn van premium toploaders en sleeves. Bekijk het hier!)

Customer Reviews

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Vendulka Obuszáková


Binders, sleeves and top loaders.

Quality products, ordered twice so far and a third time is on the way.

Picture the perfect toploader or save time, it's a Gemloader.

Most of my reviews are only slightly modified and mostly the same. With my latest order, I've spent about $2k USD with Gemloader to protect my personal, not retail, collection. I've inspected, held, owned and used EVERY item they sell and have had the exact same experience. I don't provide details of construction, because I know nothing of manufacturing, material costs, production, factories, designs or companies that make these kinds of products. Gemloader is the item creator and company we buy them from, but they probably don't make the actual items their self, they designed, engineered, created the specification and chose the materials. Then they found the perfect production company that then puts that all together at the quality level they decide meets their demands that they then slap their label on once satisfied. I could be wrong, but this is the usual case in business and if it's in their business plan, they eventually build their own production plant once they have the capital.

I've also inspected, held, owned and used EVERY item that protects TCG collections, ever made. I know what I like and know what I need. Saying that, I've never been 100% satisfied until I held a Gemloader product in my hands. I was handed one of their binders and told that all of the top loaders inside were made by the same company. A few minutes after I had the binder in hand, I asked him to pull a toploader out for me. Putting on my glasses to get a closer look, I held the toploader in hand and he told me "Even the toploaders are protected by film." It only took a few minutes before I asked, "Who makes all of this?!!" and "Where do I get them?!!" with a grin!

I've always spared no expense when it comes to price and never read or watch reviews. I always prefer to form my own opinion under my own standards. That usually means using the old-fashioned way of buying the product and returning it if unsatisfied. I've bought and returned many binders, sheets, toploaders, sleeves, display and storage solutions over the past 30+ years and have always been let down by selection and quality. I've mostly resorted to boxed storage solutions using penny sleeves and/or toploaders and have tried literally every company's offering. I gave up looking for new protection products a few years ago, feeling nothing would ever be up to my standard. Thus, I hadn't heard of Gemloader.

To make a long review longer, I was sold on the company and product after only a few minutes of a toploader being in my hands. As long as they continue to operate, I'll only use Gemloader products. I'll continue to place orders until every card I own formerly in storage boxes, are protected by a Gemloader product. Having also had correspondence with their customer service, I could write a thousand more words to praise that part of the company as well. I'm 100% certain if a workmanship blemish (it occasionally happens to every product ever, even the most expensive cars and houses) that it will be rectified asap.