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too expensive shipping way to expensive. pockets too fragile

Dear Simon,
First of all, I would like to thank you very much for your order and review.

I am sorry to hear that you are not completely satisfied. We strive for satisfied customers. I would like to hear your concerns, so I have sent you a privaté email and hope to be able to help you and speak to you soon.

I hear that you don't think the product is strong enough and I would like to hear if something is defective or what your concerns are so that I can help you with this.

9X (25Pack) 3''X4'' Toploaders Ultra-Clear and Seamless 35PT

5 stars

Top material and excellent quality of the product

Great product

10/10, would recommend. Really nicely done.
I appreciate the vegan leather by the way!

Premium 3''X4'' toploader fit collector's binder [112 pockets 2X2]


fantastic product!! and crazy shipping care!

Gemloader für jeden Sammler ein Muss

Gute Qualität, sehr schnelle Lieferung alles perfekt gerne wieder !!!!

Haven’t received order

I ordered 6 days ago. I know this is still within timeframe of delivery of between 2/7 days but when I try and locate my gemloader I am greeted by a message that says “parcel not yet found”.
I haven’t received any further information after the confirmation of my order which doesn’t fill me with confidence.

Dear Dan,

Thank you for your order and review. I have just sent all necessary tracking information to your personal email. I expect the order will be with you very soon.
I hope you read my email soon so we can get in touch.
If you have any further questions, we are ready to assist you.

100 Pull Tab Sleeves / Deck protectors

Perfect product

Everything about this Binder is Perfect! I recommend it 100%
The only wish I would have that there are more colors to choose 😁

Leider nicht gut.

Die Karten rutschen aus den Fächern raus, somit könnten die Karten in den toploadern sich verbiegen. Ein Gemloader hat einen kaputten Reißverschluss.

Liebe Mehmet,

Ich versuche Sie auf diesem Wege noch einmal zu erreichen, um mit Ihnen in Kontakt zu treten. Nochmals vielen Dank für Ihre Bestellung und Bewertung.

Es tut mir sehr leid zu hören, dass Ihre Bestellung nicht gut angekommen ist und etwas defekt ist. Ich entschuldige mich aufrichtig für die Unannehmlichkeiten. Ich möchte Ihnen sehr gerne helfen. Ich habe Ihnen private E-Mails zur Kontaktaufnahme gesendet.
Ich hoffe sehr, dass ich dich bald unterstützen kann.

excellent card storage

we have 7x gemloader in 3 colors, excellent card storage. only thing i missing is something too mark the binders. if you could put something there to mark the binders, i would be very grateful

This is top quality

Brilliant quality, brilliant service. I would 1000% recommend!

Not perfect, but almost there

Very nice sleeves overall. The first batch I received wasn't perfect, maybe something during manufacturing. The second batch however is much better and I think with a bit of fine tuning and better quality control these sleeves could become my go to sleeves. Support was pretty helpful and even contacted me during the weekend.

Hopefully Gemloader is going to come out with some matching perfect fit sleeves at some point, so I could do some one stop shopping for all my card supplies.

First of all, thank you very much for your order and review. Very sorry to hear that the sleeves are not as intended. Of course we are happy to help you with this. I just sent you a private message and I hope to be able to support you soon.

Premium 3''X4'' toploader fit collector's binder [216 pockets 3X3]

Top Quality

The perfect binder for serious collectors.

Nice acryl case

Boosterbox fits nice and snug. Magnets are strong enough to keep the lid closed if you hold it upside down. Happy with my purchase.

Awesome Quality

Just what you looking for!
Perfect quality!
Fast Shipping!
I will Order my second one soon!

Good binder, amazing!

Previously I bought a binder from another brande here in Mexico, specially for storing toploaders but when it was full it didn't close well. I found this Gemloader binder, even though I am from Mexico, I bought it because there are not many binder options for top loaders here. Today I received it and I already filled it with cards with top loader each one, and it closes at the perfection and does not feel tight like the previous one that I bought from another brand. The cover feels premium, I really recommend buying this product! amazing thanks!

Dear Julian,

First of all thank you very much for your order. We are sorry to hear that your order is taking longer than desired to reach you. Sorry for the inconvenience. Customs in Mexico held the package a little longer than usual, but the package has been released since the day before yesterday and is now almost with you. I have sent you a private message with all the information and hope to be able to assist you further where needed.


I bought 4 binders, and I am very pleased with them! Quality is top notch and they feel great, definitely buying more! Wish there were more color options though!


I toploader della Gemloader sono davvero ben fatti, ogni toploader è protetto dai graffi da una pellicola protettiva e gli angoli arrotondati sono il tocco di classe. Prodotto consigliato!


Ho acquistato questo nuovo prodotto per proteggere i miei box sealed giapponesi... che dire? Prodotto ben costruito, materiale di qualità e il plexiglass è davvero di ottima qualita' ... consigliato"

Premium 3''X4'' toploader fit collector's binder [216 pockets 3X3]


Amazing product!! quality top notch!! if you want to share your top loaders and show to your friends best product to get it :)